Bellevue Hill

Bellevue Hill

This residential apartment building responds in substance and form to its content in Bellevue Hill and will be an exemplar project in terms of sustainability, medium density housing and beauty.  

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Sydney, Australia




$12 million



Achieving a 6 Star Green Star and  Passive House Rating, the proposed building is a well balanced and simply proportioned design. 

Two volumes wrap around a central core in plan and are sculpted to create solar access and provide views. This creates a dynamic but legible built form. Textured concrete slab edges, balconies and planters form a solid expression on the facade.

In contrast, timber panels infill spaces between the concrete and soften the building. These panels transform into translucent screens made with battens of the same timber. The screens are operable and will enhance the dynamic nature of the façade. All windows have charcoal coloured aluminium framing to defer to the glass tone itself.

This building is designed to be highly articulated piece of architecture. A subtle and complimentary palette of materials have been selected for the facades of the building, which sits comfortably in its existing and new  landscape surroundings.

It contributes to a new quality of  architecture and landscape to an eclectic area of Bellevue Hill in transition.

Leadership Team: