65 Haig Street

65 Haig Street

Visualisation: Nature Focus

The proposed Haig Street project, designed by Fender Katsalidis for Samma Property Group consists of build-to-rent multi-family housing aimed at providing premium inner-city living.

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Melbourne, Australia


Samma Property Group


$150 million



Traditional Custodians

Wurundjeri people

Visualisation: Nature Focus

The development will breathe new life into an underutilised corner of Southbank with a high level of community engagement through shared spaces and integrated services.

The façade and formal response of the BTR tower have been driven by the conditions by which it will be perceived. From the West Gate Freeway overpass it is experienced at high speed by car travellers, while at the ground plane on Haig Street it is a calmer, more human-scaled reading. At vantage points more distant from the site, the tower form is read as an element in the city skyline.

Visualisation: Nature Focus

The tower form has a ‘brick-bond’ pattern of horizontal bands and vertical elements. When experienced from different vantage points, this provides the tower form with a sense of materiality, depth and a varying play of light and shadow. These vertical elements also incorporate slender bronze metal highlights, arranged in a random composition to add an extra layer of visual interest, material richness and glints of reflected light.

The tower and podium have been separated into two distinctive, yet related forms to provide an elegant vertical reading and to break down the mass in the skyline. Patterning on the podium façade is introduced at a greater density on the lower levels and gradually slims down as the vertical elements progresses upwards.

Outdoor terraces present a residential expression to the podium, with planting along the balustrades softening the urban environment and enhancing the street level experience. There has been a conscious effort to layer landscaping and greenery at all levels of this project.

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