Railway Road

Railway Road

The proposed mixed-use development at Railway Road is situated in a strategic location of high civic importance with the potential to greatly enhance Meadowbank’s character.

Engaged by Sasco Developments, the Fender Katsalidis-designed precinct’s mix of housing diversity and communal open spaces on the ground floor and rooftops will set an example for future developments in the area.

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Meadowbank, Australia


Sasco Developments





Traditional Custodians

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The proposal itself comprises 85 residential apartments, 162 coliving units and 48 independent living units as well as ground floor retail tenancies below the village centre.

The highly activated area fronting Railway Road to the west and a short distance from Meadowbank railway station is significant to the Shepherds Bay locality, forming a link between the local centre and the residential areas to the southwest.

Additionally, the introduction of the village plaza and street wall on Railway Road addresses the relationship of the proposed built form with its surroundings.

Attention has been given to the site’s bulk and scale, with built form length, topography and zone adjacency all playing pivotal roles in addressing the proposal’s form.

The heritage building and plaza situated on the corner of Railway and Constitution Roads also play an important role in the development of the proposed scale.

Faraday Lane is addressed with 4-storey masonry portals, relating to the neighbouring properties on the eastern side and is also set back from the existing street interface with a widened streetscape and public domain.

The communal areas offer a respite for residents and visitors with a large garden enhancing the amenity of the development.

Overall, the proposed development forms an integrated new village hub through its activated edges, plaza on the northern corner, retail spaces on the ground floor and its communal open spaces.

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