Photographer: John Gollings

Solstice Camberwell combines a pragmatic response to the site and the project brief with a playful variety of facade treatments that move beyond mere functionality to provide interest and glamour.

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Melbourne, Australia


Bensons Property Group





Photographer: John Gollings

The apartments are arranged around a substantial and visually striking landscaped courtyard which is open to the north facing Camberwell Road boundary, providing a green oasis visible from the street and which dissects the two curvilinear facades.

Taking advantage of the site’s island nature, the apartments either look out from the site or over the landscaped courtyard to the north.

All apartments are provided with a pleasant amenity, private balconies and naturally ventilated and lit common areas. Retail areas on Camberwell Road create an active street presence at ground level.

The project enhances the streetscape of Camberwell Road through its curved, lustrous, bronze anodised screens which also provide the balcony balustrade to the Camberwell Road apartments. The screens bestow a depth, lightness and a richness of material to the facade.

The whimsical play of light and shade off the curved screen will change as the sun moves through the sky and as you move past the building creating a vibrant, active and intriguing addition to the built environment

Photographer: John Gollings

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