As an integral part of FK's financial team, Chelsea’s expertise lies in her mastery of project accounting. When it comes to presenting data, Chelsea is skilled at translating detailed for project leaders and team members.

Chelsea monitors the financial side of projects throughout their life, initiating projects and monitoring their productivity to inform decision making regarding fees and support project profitability. Maintaining up-to-date forecasts provides a clearer financial viewpoint for each project, but also for the practice as a whole.

Design has remained a constant during Chelsea’s career in accounting, having worked previously at other architectural firms. Her time in the industry has advanced her lifelong interest in built form, as well as the progression of her role from accounts payable and accounts receivable, to a senior project related accounting role. 

As an associate, Chelsea applies her analytical understanding of project development and delivery to her work with project leaders. In addition to supporting the practice’s leadership team, Chelsea plays an important mentorship role within the Finance Committee, broadening the team’s understanding of accounts and projects in general.

A quick learner with an attention to detail, Chelsea has applied this to maintaining internal databases and project management systems, reviewing project performance and analysing data and timesheets, which feeds into the revenue recognition process. By understanding what the directors and leaders know and want to know about their projects from a financial perspective, Chelsea enables the practice to build and cultivate valuable client relationships.