Australian Institute of Music

Australian Institute of Music

Photographer: Anthony Fretwell

This commission from AIM was for 6,000sqm of teaching, performing and administration space within AIM’s Sydney campus servicing a thousand students.

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Sydney, Australia


Australian Institute of Music (AIM)


$6 million


6,000 sqm



Traditional Custodians

Gadigal people

Photographer: Anthony Fretwell

AIM has been evolving within this location for the past two decades. The site is approximately 150m from Sydney’s Central Station and consists of a five-storey 1930s heritage-listed brick structure and a 1920s three-storey converted warehouse building which are joined together with a more recent five-storey infill building.

From the outset of the design process we have worked with the client to put the student at the centre by creating spaces that encourage meaningful collaboration, innovation and creativity, while other areas promote quiet reflection and focus on academic study.

Photographer: Anthony Fretwell
Photographer: Anthony Fretwell
Photographer: Anthony Fretwell

The client’s goal with these renovations is not only to provide new amenities, backstage facilities and modernise to the current technology, but to create a new campus ‘heart’ – a space that every member of the AIM community feels a sense of belonging to and one that fuels creative inspiration.

This was achieved through a series of contemporary, playful spaces connecting the various departments of the campus which provide opportunity for congregation in various sizes and characteristics. All this was achieved whilst AIM remained occupied and operational for most of the construction period.

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