One Shiel Street

One Shiel Street

Photographer: John Gollings

Fender Katsalidis was commissioned to design affordable housing in North Melbourne.

The development contains 34 apartments, each with their own car space, over five storeys.

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Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne Omnibus Company


$10.5 million



Traditional Custodians

Wurundjeri people

Photographer: John Gollings

The site, on the corner of Shiel and Haines Street, is roughly triangular in shape with a curved boundary to its street frontages. Our response was to create a wedgeshaped arrangement to the layout of the apartments, therefore maximising the number of apartments on a typical floor that face the street. This works to the advantage of the apartment planning, as living areas are provided with a greater frontage than the service areas at the back of the apartments.

Outlook is available to the street frontages and the south-west boundary, with the street frontages affording good views over wide streets with mature trees. The majority of apartments have an easterly aspect, looking out to the wide green streets.

The resulting building sits comfortably on its site, ready to gently turn the built form of Haines St into Shiel St. In this way the building form actively engages with the broader urban context.

Up close, the play of light across the textured timber panels provides a richness of detailing which is appreciated at pedestrian level as you walk by.

The generously sized apartments, many with a high percentage of external façade to their depth are delightful homes in which to live, catering not only for couples but shared houses and families.

Environmentally, the building performs well beyond the regulatory requirements. This development is an exemplar of how finely tuned sustainability and much-needed innercity family living space can combine in a manner that actively and positively contributes to the urban fabric.

Photographer: John Gollings
Photographer: John Gollings

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