133 Mary Street

133 Mary Street

133 Mary St

Fender Katsalidis has been engaged to design a commercial office tower on Brisbane’s last remaining annex site at 133 Mary Street, which will include the addition of boutique office space, an infusion of nature and the creation of public outdoor space. The development will form a distinctive new urban marker at the intersection of two major streets in the city’s CBD.

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Brisbane, Australia




$72 million


17,980 sqm



Traditional Custodians

Turbal and Jagera people

Visualisation: Pointilism

The 22-storey tower will encompass more than 18,000sqm of commercial office space across 18 floors, including a level dedicated to co-working. This ‘third space’ boutique office component reflects the changing nature of how we work, providing flexible workspace for meeting, relaxing and dining.

As a nod to its historical fabric, the façade expression will feature rich materials including a podium wrapped with a terracotta trellis frame before gradually transforming into a glazed tower. Alternating office floors feature outdoor balconies embellished with living greenery.

The proposal’s exoskeletal concept with green façade grid presents a low maintenance, soilless landscape integration sustained via an automated irrigation system. Additionally, operable windows, natural ventilation and energy efficient glazing align with the civic ‘Buildings That Breathe’ framework.

Overlooking the Brisbane River, the tower will allow for convenient access to the new Cross River Rail. Plans for a pedestrian-friendly shopping boulevard will see the street reduced to three traffic lanes to make way for widened footpaths.

Leadership Team: