Yarra One Display Suite

Yarra One Display Suite

Photographer: Jack Lovel

The Yarra One Display Suite on Clarendon Street, South Yarra is a luxury display suite which also acts as a meeting and workspace for the client, EcoWorld, and a café for the general public. A successful integration of varying programs, it creates a functional and engaging suite.

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Melbourne, Australia







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Photographer: Tatjana Plitt

The display suite was designed as a sales space to highlight and sell the design and refined detailing within the apartments of the Yarra One development. The space seconds as a café, which general public can occupy and make use of the facilities such as break-out areas and in-built, joinery seating. Large, flexible meeting rooms and sales offices allow the client to use the space as a collaborative and flexible work environment.

The display suite showcases excellent interior design through the refined and considered detailing and joinery, finished in luxury materials. It is a successful integration of varying programs and spaces, within one open plan and flexible environment, creating a functional and engaging work-place. 

Photographer: Tatjana Plitt
Photographer: Tatjana Plitt
Photographer: Jack Lovel

Sustainably, the space is built within an existing structure, and so re-uses existing materials and other built elements (such as exposed concrete soffits and services) to inform the design response and form for the new works. The response is a juxtaposition between highly detailed, luxury finishes against a raw and utilitarian shell.

The Yarra One Display Suite is innovative in that it was largely an office space for the client to work from, and the public and potential purchasers could also use and occupy the space.  Modular joinery was a key component within the design of the apartments; joinery modules could be added and subtracted to build custom pieces to suit purchaser’s specific needs and desires. The display suite also used this concept, whereby the majority of the joinery could be changed as the client desired, while still maintaining a functional and flexible office and working space.  This means the display suite can be constantly changing; a truly dynamic and innovative approach.

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